Additional Interior & Exterior Services

*Professional Window Cleaning *Cleaning of Tracks, Seals & Frames

​​*Gutter Cleaning  *Power Washing & Surface Cleaning

*Hard Water Stain Removal

*Construction Clean-up & Make Ready

*Sky Light Cleaning *Solar Panel Cleaning

*Exterior Fixture Cleaning *Large Mirror Cleaning

*Ceiling Fan Cleaning *Lights Bulb Change Outs *A/C Filter Change Out

*Smoke Detector Battery Change Out *AND MUCH MORE!!! 

Gutter Cleaning...

​​​1 Story Homes Starting @ $129
2 Story Homes Starting @ $189

Your ​Professional Window Cleaning Company!

"Leading the Way to Clean Windows"

Power Washing &

Surface Cleaning...

Let Window Rangers Restore Your

*Home Siding *Driveway

*Sidewalk *Patio

*Decking *Pool Area

​​​How do we Get & Keep your Windows SO CLEAN??

​​​​​​​​Window Rangers is CLEANING with the BEST & Latest Window Cleaning Technology available.

We do Window Cleaning right! We CLEAN your Windows with Purified Water that leaves them with a

STREAK & SPOT FREE Rinse that LAST longer than traditional methods! We use Water Fed Poles attached to a

Water Purification System that allows us to leave only a Sparkle and Shine when we are done!

On the interior, we STILL use that same purified water along with the Best Quality Squeegees to get the job done right!

Some windows may require a Pre-Wash that consists of a Pure Water & Dawn treatment. ​

​​Window Rangers in Action...

All photos are of actual Professional Window Cleaning & Power Washing Jobs completed by WR's.

Window Rangers is Your Professional Window Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, & Power Washing Team! Let's get your Home Clean!

Serving Residential & Commercial Clients

​​​​Professional Window Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, & Power Washing

Family Owned & Operated

 Fully Insured​

Window Rangers & Christmas Knights                                                817-793-0005

Residential Window Cleaning Pricing:

$6 Per Pane Exterior-1st Time Cleaning

$4 Per Pane Interior-1st Time Cleaning

Commercial Window Cleaning Pricing:

$2-$7 Per Pane/Per Side-1st Time Cleaning

Why Choose Pure Water Technology?
This method of professional window cleaning utilizes a 5 stage water treatment system and a water fed pole to deliver 100% pure water to the window.The water treatment system consists of a 5 stage reverse osmosis unit and a mixed bed de-mineralizing resin to produce 100% pure, laboratory grade water. The nature of de-mineralised water is to strive to return to its natural impure state by actively absorbing all dirt, chemical and minerals it comes across. When used for window cleaning, the final rinse water drys to a perfect finish. In fact the window isn't just clean, its left totally sterile. Window Cleaners without this technology leave behind sticky soap residue, which just attracts fresh dirt back to the window, while windows cleaned with pure water actually stay cleaner longer!